1999 : creation of the first linear grader for oyster patented system registered as number
2 972 555 as well as the conveyor, patent number 2 822 730.

Principle of our new model since 2004: Ejection oysters by double effects combining
performance pneumatic cylinders, silent and smooth operation.

Flow rate of 9 000 to 10 000 weighings per hour for a single line and from 18 000 to
20 000 weighings per hour for a double line.

The grader has been specially designed and built for the calibration of oysters in a marine

Built in 316L stainless steel

Vision option and auto feeding

It go all through 4 to 8 calibers, on single or double line so you can choose to make YOUR
grader in terms of needs for now or tomorrow.

2002 1st circular model with manual loading (Mercury Touraine equivalent) weighed grader
7700 / hour with accumulated weight and counting individual use or integration of
existing conveyor.

7500-11000 - 15000-17000 weighed per hour from 6 to 7 calibers + a scrap, electronic
weighing and reset on each pass. Build in 316 L stainless steel. Manual feed or semi-automatic.

Switching places between each caliber. Weight counting, PC connection, printer, remote
maintenance via modem.

The only bucket machine with industrial process. Our graders receive high-tech equipment
to EC standards. Our machines are compatible with CalOstréa and Edulis softwares for
monitoring production, business management, traceability and remote maintenance via
the Internet.

Customers who purchased a circular grader Hardouin between 1999 and 2003 have the
opportunity to repackage their machines with industrial automation.

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